1. Everything Reflected Back

  2. The Sun At Noon Is In My Chest

  3. Sensing

  4. Marble

  5. Wonder

  6. This Feeling Of Endless Continuity

  7. Cloudlands

  8. Light Moments of Stasis

  9. Seven Fields To Run Across...Seven Hills To Climb

  10. Chase The Cloud If You Are Not The Cloud

  11. Eternity In The Eye

  12. A Quiet Vision

  13. Sustained Eventualities III (Momentous Continuation)

  14. Sustained Eventualities II (Haven In Hidden Grove)

  15. Sustained Eventualities I (Window Glance)

  16. Sein
    Blanket Swimming & Demetrio Cecchitelli

  17. Remained Unsaid

  18. Unending Repose

  19. Silhouettes For A New World

  20. Nada

  21. In Hesitancies Of Gestures

  22. The Reason For This Dormant Surge (Waiting For The Chance)

  23. The Turning Point

  24. The Disquiet Fading Air

  25. Star-Kissed & Blemished

  26. Without Resistance, The Day Began

  27. Time Has Lost

  28. In Flower Made Masses

  29. Veins Of Afterlife

  30. Wishing For More

  31. An Echo Retreats Into Cavernous Spaces

  32. Temple Of Heaven

  33. All Auspices

  34. Leaves Painted In A Darker Blue

  35. Entering the Body By Way of Window

  36. It Will Never Stay the Same, Being Eternal. Won't It?

  37. Arioso

  38. Rope Swing

  39. The Column Shines

  40. Ten Gate Dream

  41. Paumachia

  42. Ruach

  43. Meet the Rising Sun with Infinite Stillness
    Blanket Swimming + Gallery Six

  44. Lunar Infinity

  45. Rows

  46. Precise Coordinates for an Endless Source of Light

  47. Garden of Remembrance

  48. Garden of Suchness

  49. Refraction iii-iv (Evening)

  50. Refraction i-ii (Morning)

  51. Blanket of Labor
    Blanket Swimming / Division of Labor

  52. A Connexion and Singularity

  53. Sundial

  54. Red Clouds

  55. Starlooms in Flashes of Reddening Ends

  56. Lightning Gallery
    Blanket Swimming & DR

  57. Marched Through the Walls

  58. Nothing To Attain

  59. High Tide
    Blanket Swimming & DR

  60. The Sunroom

  61. Perpetual Seeds for Fleeting Time

  62. INTR

  63. Lighten

  64. Open Colour

  65. Contain Multitudes

  66. The Ringing In Your Ears Is the Cricket In the Stars

  67. A Falling Moon

  68. Goodnight Jungle


Blanket Swimming Portland, Oregon

Since 2015, sound artist Nicholas Maloney has produced music under the moniker Blanket Swimming, focusing on spontaneity, fluidity, texture, and presence.

For sound art and field recording works, see: nicholasmaloney.bandcamp.com

Drone duo:
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